Foot Consultations

Foot consultations by the experts

Foot consultations by the experts

Foot consultations at East 
Ham Podiatry

During your first consultation, we will take your details and history. A digital camera may be used to record the condition of your feet before, during and after treatment.

Before we begin, we will assess the neurological, vascular, skin and orthopaedic condition of your feet.

Neurological assessments take into account the reflexes and sense of touch that your feet have.

Vascular assessments check the blood supply to your feet and examines the colour, temperature and pulse of your feet. We will also examine the nail and skin for other foot conditions for example, corns and calluses. 

The orthopaedic assessment looks at motion within the joints and suppleness. 

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We'll make a diagnosis after your assessment. The treatment will be explained and agreed between both parties. We'll advise you how to improve your foot health and help prevent future foot problems. 

Once you begin treatment, you will be regularly monitored and your situation will be assessed. If we need to change the treatment or the intensity of it, we will do so. 

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