Treating biomechanical issues with orthotics

Treating biomechanical issues with orthotics

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Are you suffering from back pain, knee pain, leg pain (shin pain) or heel pain? These are foot-related problems that may be related to biomechanical issues and you could be helped by orthotics. Contact the professional podiatry expert at East Ham Podiatry for advice and treatment. 

We are based in East London. You can call us today to schedule an appointment or for a consultation. 
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Our orthotic treatments

We may prescribe orthotics to help improve foot function, reduce pain and make walking more comfortable. We offer custom made casted orthotics made specifically for you, to ensure the best fit and maximum comfort. We will have you walking without pain in no time. 

For other foot problems you may be having, please feel free to call East Ham Podiatry to book in for a consultation today!
Our orthotic treatments
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